Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Great Ocean Road

Our friends in Geelong graciously lent us their car today so we could head out and explore The Great Ocean Road!

This wonderful coastal road is in the Great State of Victoria, which is governed by the wonderful capital city of Melbourne. In Victoria, the weather changes often. The Victorians are known for good-heartedly complaining about "Four seasons in a day", although I doubt it ever snows (ha!)

Anyway, when the weather's a changin', there's bound to be rainbows about, and we weren't disappointed, because we were greeted with a beauty as soon as we hit the Southern Ocean:

There are some odd rock formations along the road, and these are the main tourist attractions, although they seem to be diminishing. One of these attractions is called The Twelve Apostles, but several of the twelve have disappeared in recent years. Here we see two Apostles:

Stripey tried her best to fill in for the missing ones:

Interestingly, the Twelve Apostles used to be called "The Sow and Piglets." No word on whether or not the sow is still standing.

A bit further down the road, we took in London Bridge, just before dark. London Bridge used to connect to the mainland, but it fell down in 1990. We heard that there were tourists out on the remaining part when the arch collapsed, but nobody was hurt.

Here we have more Stupid Tourist Tricks with photography. Keeping true to London custom, we see our subject Minding the Gap:

And judging by the hardness of said subject's head, we might call this snapshot "Marble Arch". We'll leave it up to you.

These attractions are located just west of Port Campbell. The satellite images isn't quite up to snuff yet, but perhaps one day you'll be able to see the rocks from space.

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